We are The Inclusive Collective.

We are a community.

We are Artists. Intellectuals. Realists. Weirdos. Doubters. Believers. Students. People.

We are a safe place to be our whole selves.

Unashamed of who we are. What we look like. Or who we love.

We are shamelessly Christian.

And we’re reclaiming the genuine love it should mean.

We are Leaders and Activists.

We are Servants to those in need.

We are Fighters for true justice.

And we exist to fuel young adults through Jesus rooted soul work.

We Strive to Be



Jesus Rooted

Jesus’ life, love, and transformative grace fuel who we are and all we do. We aren’t talking about a gentle, white Jesus with long flowing blonde hair. We’re talking about the Jesus who speaks truth to power, includes all people, and offers ridiculous amounts of grace. We want everyone to experience a life-changing relationship with this Jesus, who is better and bigger than we can imagine.



Multi-Ethnic/Anti-Racist + Inclusive

Christianity often excludes and operates with racism, and that sucks. But God dreams of a world where the walls that divide us and the systems that oppress us come crashing down. So, we’re committed to the transformative-yet-messy work that nurtures a community where all people feel truly welcome and valued. And when we say all, we mean ALL. LGBTQ and Straight; Black, Brown, and White; Believers and Doubters, Freshmen and Grad Students — you’re all heard, seen, and loved here.




Even on a large urban campus and with constant connection on social media, we can still experience loneliness. But life isn’t meant to be a solo thing, so let’s build strong community right here on campus. A community that serves, plays, laughs, seeks justice, studies, debates, and experiences grace together. A community that feels more like family than just another social network.




Guess what? None of us have all our stuff together, and that’s totally okay. We don’t have to worry about pretending or hiding. In this community, we bring our full selves – a raw and complex mix of beauty and brokenness. Having strong doubts? Voice them. Struggling with an addiction? Ask for help. Experiencing incredible joy? Invite us to celebrate. We reject shame and embrace openness around here.




Jesus was never satisfied with the status-quo, especially when it harmed vulnerable populations. He challenged earthly power structures when they stood in the way of God’s vision for a just society. With Jesus as our model, we long to be a community committed to the work of justice and service, particularly in our own backyard. God is moving in powerful ways among and through our neighbors and in our world, so we will join in on what God is already up to.