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Bored by Christianity in the past? Burned by it? Brand new to the whole God thing?

Our community is not perfect. But we’re striving to create a relevant, honest, safe, and truly INCLUSIVE faith community. So check us out, no matter who you are – LGBTQ and Straight, Liberal and Conservative, Believer and Doubter, Freshman and Grad Students – all are welcome and loved here. 

You are invited to the party! Come help us create this new community that will make you proud! How can you get involved:

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  • COMMUNITY GROUP. Time and Location TBA. We gather to create community, talk about all sorts of spiritual things, explore the Bible, and pray together. Bring your doubts, beliefs, questions, and all of who you are. New folks are welcome to join this community group anytime; we love new people (and old people). For more info, email Pastor Kaitlyn.

  • HUNGRY HUSKIES. September 8-December 8. We enjoy a meal together among a diverse community of students across campus. Come ready to eat a delicious meal and be able to take off the student hat for an hour! We strive to serve you a home cooked meal and foster new friendships along the way!

  • Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Want more info about the IC - NIU? Email Pastor Kaitlyn Frantz.